Daily Archives: March 9, 2009

Betty Boop!!

I just finished a small card/money holder for a friend at work.


Here is a picture of the inside opened up. It just folds up.


And here is a closer look at the pockets.  Hard to see with the black fabric.  I had made her a special order Betty Boop purse for her daughter-in-law for Christmas.  She liked it so well, that she requested a card holder (for credit cards, ID etc).  I added a red snap to give it a little color variation.

Hearts and Flowers – Pinks and Roses

I’ve finally gotten a good start on my Chinese Coin Quilt for the sew-along.  I didn’t get to sew at all last weekend, or last week for that matter.  So I feel so very behind!


Here is some of the fabric I picked out from my stash.  I decided to make a baby quilt, for my niece who is expecting a baby girl in a couple of months.

dsc01572And some more fabric.  These fabrics are mostly vintage, and have been lovelingly stored and waiting for the right project.  Most of these were purchased when I was making some things for my daughter, when she was small.  I think that Lindsey will like this.

dsc01616I cut some of the fabric into strips, some are 1 1/2″ wide, others are 2″ wide.  You can see that I really liked hearts, and floral fabric when I purchased this.

dsc01618To make this more fun, I mixed up all of the strips and put them in a basket. I then drew strips out, and sewed two together.  I didn’t try to match the fabrics or proper colors, I tried to do this randomly.  The only rule I set up was that I couldn’t sew two pieces of the same fabric together.

So now I have sewn all of the strips into sets of two.  This week I will be picking out the border fabric, I haven’t quite decided on what I am doing yet, but I have some ideas.  I will post further progress on this next weekend.

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