Thoughts of Fall

First I would like to wish everyone that may be affected by the hurricane and storms we have been having well.  All of our thoughts and prayers are with you.

As Labor Day weekend goes on, I think our minds start to wonder toward Fall.  I know mine do.  I was digging through my unfinished projects I found this:


I started this last year.  It could be a small quilt wall hanging, or a pillow.  I was undecided then, and I am still undecided.  But I love the colors!


I cut out the pumpkins freehand, fused them to the background, and then did a blanket stitch around the edges, and a backstitch for the little curly tendrils that tend to grow on the pumkins in the garden.

I think that Iwill get those borders sewn on, and then decide the fate of this project!  If you have any suggestions, I am certainly open to them!

Let me know what your fall projects are!

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