Future Blog Posts

I have been thinking about how to organize my days posting to this blog.  Since I am new at this, I thought I would lay out a program of what I would like to do. 

I am going to post pictures and some descriptions of the projects I am working on, my successes and failures.  We all seem to have both, and its good to know that we aren't alone (especially when things don't go right)

I would also like to do book reviews, letting you know what I have read and what kind of content is included in the books.  I am talking about sewing and craft books, and not necessarily new on the market, but there are some tried and true books that have been out for awhile, and they may be new to you!

I would also like to share some tips and techniques that I come across or have learned along the way.  I have been sewing and doing crafts for many, many years, and I would like to pass along anything that may help someone else.  If there is something that you want to know about, if I can't answer it, I will look to find a source of information for you, and we will learn together!

Let me know what you think!  And everyone, have a great evening!

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