Spare Change White and Scraps Quilt Exchange – Part 2

I am ready to send off my fabrics for the Spare Change White and Scraps Quilt Exchange!  I had to order some new fabric, because the fabric needs to be unwashed, and I have a habit of washing all fabric as soon as it is in the door!


It was a hard decision, but I chose 4 different fabrics, 3 of which I cut 8 5×5 squares, and 1 of another print.  We need 25 squares total.  I love this fabric!


Here are the fabrics I just received.  I love all of them!  I saw that Sew Mama Sew was having a fabric sale, and I had to bop on over there.  I exercised a great deal of restraint, believe me!  But I’ll be back.  Wonderful fabric and selection, and great service.  I can’t wait to shop again!

So stop on over at Chickpea Sewing Studio and keep yourself updated on what’s going on with the White and Scraps Quilt Exchange.  And stay tuned here, I’ll be posting the results of my project with the fabric that I will be receiving.   I’ll be looking for you!

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