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Hi everyone!  I hope that you’ve all had an exceptional weekend!  I have been busy trying to catch up from the work week, and trying to get myself, and all of the house projects done and ready for the holidays.  Can you believe that there are only eight weeks until Christmas!

My list is getting long on the projects I want to complete.  Let’s start with the cleaning, and the home improvement projects.  My son came over last weekend and helped me put in another shelf in my coat closet (which also houses the vacuum etc), and paint the inside of the closet.  The materials for this have been in my garage for about 2 years.  (I have decided these things need to be done, enough already!).  This also prompted me to clean the closet out. One down, how many more to go?

Next is the cleaning (which is also getting done as I complete these home projects).  One large one was the aquarium.  It’s 20 gallons, and it takes quite a bit to get it cleaned up!  But now done! I actually emptied the aquarium and put in new rocks, and it is clean and ready for the holidays! I think that the fish will get some new plants for Christmas.  Shhhhh!



Every holiday season I know that I like to look for new ideas, recipes and decorating ideas.  I make many lists of what I want to do, what needs to be made, what to purchase, what to bake, on and on!  And as you can see from my comments above, I have already started doing this.  I’m sure that I’m not alone!

I have found some great sites to visit that can help you with some great craft ideas, ways to organize and clean your house up and ways to try to keep your holiday season stress free.  I hope that you take some time to visit the sites I have listed here, there’s lots of inspiration and fun to come!

Go over to Almost Frugal to see what is happening with Kelly and her joint project (with several other bloggers in her ‘Holidays *by Hand*’ venture.  There will be lots of ideas for sewing, quilting, paper crafts, knitting and cooking for the holidays.

Over at Simple Mom, Tsh is doing a series called ’12 Christmas Projects’.  12 Weekly Projects  for a more peaceful holiday season. This has already started, but you can go back and read her past posts.  She will also be involved with Kelly at Almost Frugal and her ‘Holidays *by Hand*.

At, the Christmas countdown starts today to get your home organized for the holidays without creating a frenzy.  With all kinds of ideas from cleaning, gifts and organizing to meal planning, there is something for everyone.

Also, stop by my frugal living site, All My Eggs.  I just started this blog, and I am planning on posting some frugal gift ideas and crafts that I hope will help make your holiday a creative and pleasant one!

I hope that these sites will help you to enjoy the season more!  I can’t wait!

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