Update on Anna Maria Horner’s Book – Seams to Me

After posting my review last night, I decided to visit Anna Maria's website again. I found a link to site from Wiley Publishers that was set up just for her book!  Seams to Me has it's own site where you can review the book, download a pdf pattern for her Doodad Pillow from the book, and enter a sweepstakes to win a signed copy of her book, a Singer Sewing machine and other things.

There is also a desktop image and other links to Anna Maria and her blog, flickr site and website.

So click on this link and head on over to see what's going on!

2 thoughts on “Update on Anna Maria Horner’s Book – Seams to Me

  1. Isn’t that a wonderful book? I can’t decide what to make first. Have you decided? I have been trying to remember to go to Wiley’s site everyday to enter those sweepstakes. Hope one of us wins!

  2. I think that I am going to have to put a reminder about the Wiley site on my calendar myself!
    I love the Cozy Cubes, and the wall pockets are great! Tough decision!

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