Spare Change White and Scraps Quilt Exchange – Part 3

Can you believe that I didn’t post about my receipt of my Spare Change challenge fabric blocks?!  I was taking some pictures of my latest 2 bags that I needed to put up on my Etsy store, and I found the pictures that I took of the fabric I received in the exchange!

Looking back, I realized that I just got so busy, I didn’t post the pictures.  So here they are:

Spare Change

and another:


and some more


I have already cut these blocks in half, and have a project lined up that I plan on doing.  But, with the holidays, it will be after Christmas before I have the time to complete it.

Look for it at the beginning of the year (what a great way to start the new year!).  I will also be posting a picture of the completed project on the Flickr group for Spare Change.

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