After Christmas Projects Progress

Now that the Christmas holiday is over, I am trying to finish some of my sewing projects.  Here are some pictures of what I was working on this weekend:



Here is a picture of my cat Sweepea, laying on her kitty tunnel!  Now I know it is suppose to be a tunnel, but she likes it for a bed! The tunnel is lined in chenille, and the outside is a decorator fabric.  There is a drawstring on one end.  I needed it to be washable!   In front of her is a catnip ball (more like a triangle) which she also likes to lay on!



These are a couple of jointed bears for the tree.  I still need to do their eyes, but I am going to put them away and do that part next year.  I just wanted to get them off my sewing table.
This is a cosmetic bag that I made of vintage floral fabric I had.  I really need the practice sewing in the zippers!    Anyhow, I am trying to find a way to make them without raw seams inside.  This one came out pretty good, I used a fusible stabilizer on the interfacing, which worked great giving it just enough body.

And I made this one:



This bag is made from Laurel Burch cat fabric.  I used a Simplicity pattern, and even though it is lined, the light weight fabric needs to be interfaced.  I didn't do that.  And inside the seams on the ends show, and I'd prefer if they were hidden between the lining and the outside.  This style is new to me, so I will be working on how to be successful at hiding the inside seams.  But the zipper wasn't too bad.

I'm glad to be moving forward on finishing these small projects.  It's kind of liberating!  And I am making progress on learning new techniques and improving some sewing skills (like those zippers I avoid)!

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