My Sewing Space

I wrote this post for my other blog All My Eggs. But I thought that I would share some of it with you here today.

I think that it is important to have a space to be creative.  It’s a
great outlet and stress reliever.  I have sewn and done crafts for
years, and most of that time I have had to use the kitchen table, or
anywhere I could put up my sewing machine. I am fortunate enough to now
have my own little corner, which is in my bedroom.

Here’s a peek:

Sewing Space

I know, there’s a lot in one space!  I have a tendency to stuff as much into one little space as I can.  But I love this space!  I’m showing it to you because I have used some of my frugal skills to create it.

The sewing table is one of my favorite finds!  I got this table from the thrift store, I just re-painted the legs and skirt with an off-white, to soften the bright white look.  The chair I have had for years.  It can use some cleaning up.  It is an old oak soda fountain chair, I found it at a garage sale.

My board on the wall is just an old cork board, which I covered with batting and stapled on fabric.  I use
it to hold some ideas on projects, and some pictures of family.  My storage consists of bins that I bought at the hardware store, and labeled with a label maker.  I also have some tins that I have collected from various places, and baskets as well.  Any of those items can be found at the thrift store or garage sales.

In the right side of the picture is a  bookcase I have next to my table, which hold most of my sewing book as well as tins with trims in them, and jars with other craft items like bells, and buttons. I also utilize the space under the table, to store craft items and some patterns in organizers and baskets.

If you can find a corner, make yourself a place to sew or craft.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, just think outside the box!

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