Digging Through the Stash!

Friday was such a warm day here.  It was 73 degrees outside!  It made me think of Spring, which usually makes me want some new clothes.  So I decided that I should look through my stash of fabrics that I stocked up on clearance sales last fall, and some patterns that I have been stocking up from JoAnn Fabric’s 99 cent sales, and see if there is something that I can make!  It was great!  It was like going to the fabric store, without leaving the house!

Here are a few fabrics I pulled out:


and this:


Actually, most of this fabric has been in my stash for a few years.  I worked part time at Hancock Fabrics during evenings and some weekends.  I bought tons of fabric when I was there.

And here are a few patterns that I pulled, some new and some really old but classic styles:


I have cut out a skirt and two tops.  I’ll show you when I get them done!

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