What I’m Working On and Some New Ideas

I thought that it would slow down after Christmas, but I’ve been busier than ever!  Spring cleaning at home, working overtime at my ‘real job’.  And trying to get some projects done in the sewing/crafting department.

I have started a couple of things:


I have a few hearts cut out, a couple of different sizes.  I have some ideas for these, but I better hurry before it’s Valentines Day!

I also cut out a couple of shirt/tops and a skirt.  I’ll show you those as I get them shown down the road (it won’t be this weekend!)  I am also making a bag for my daughter to use for her college classes and her computer.  I may have that ready to show tomorrow.

I have also gotten some new books for inspiration, and to learn some new things:

Knit & Crochet Books

I would like to learn to knit, I can do the most basic such as casting on stitches and knit one purl two, but I’d really like to make something!  And I also know some crochet, but I’d also like to improve on that as well.

New Ways with Fabric

And I’d like to learn some new techniques to do with fabrics.  I’ve had some of these books for awhile, but it’s time that I put them to use!  It’s nice to make something truly unique and only yours.

What type of things are you wanting to learn this year?

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