Looking Back

I have been going through my sewing and craft things, taking inventory (mental inventory that is) on what I have in my fabric stash, and what items I have forgotten about.  During this adventure I came across a bear that I made back in the 80’s.

Jointed Bear

This scruffy looking guy was my first jointed teddy bear.  His face reminds me of something from Star Wars!  His head turns, and his arms move and his legs move.  I cut his gusset out with the fur going the wrong way!  And it was too late, I didn’t discover it until he was all assembled!

His joints aren’t the plastic ones you can get at the craft store now, but are made of large washers with small hole in the center, and pins (from the hardware store) that you bend with pliers.

After making him, I made a couple dozen in different colors and fabrics, some as gifts, some from requests of others that wanted to give as gifts.  I even showed a church group of ladies how to make jointed teddies.

I still love him!!

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