Book Review: Sewing In No Time by Emma Hardy

Sewing in No Time

Sewing In No Time, by Emma Hardy is a delightful book, with projects for your household.  Published in 2008 by CICO Books, it is 176 pages.  Emma has divided the book into six chapters, Relaxation Spaces, Kitchens & Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Work & Play Spaces, Laundry & Bathrooms and Outside Spaces.

Emma includes small, easy projects, as well as larger more consuming projects.  You’ll find things to make as gifts, some things for children and many things to make life a little more organized and pleasant around the house.  Some of her projects include a store bought item that you add your touches to, such as a lampshade with trim, or towels for the bath that have added loops and borders.  But these projects are minimal.


Each project has a complete supply list off to the side, listed in yards and meters, and she tells the approximate amount of time that it may take to complete the project.  Emma has included a lot of diagrams and illustrations to help you through each step of the project.

Emma has some very colorful photographs, which will inspire you as well as give you some color ideas and different use of light and airy fabrics.  It makes you think of spring or summer looking through the book!

In the back of the book Emma has included a section showing some of the techniques that she uses doing the projects.  Those are also illustrated very well so you can easily see how they are done.

There is a supply reference that includes sources for materials and supplies in the US and London, which also include website addresses.

I think that there is a little of something for anyone that sews.  Beginners will like the fact that she shows you every step.  More advanced sewers will find some inspiration, and some ideas that they may not have thought of.  There are more than your run of the mill easy projects included in this book.  I think the book is well written and recommend purchasing it for yourself, or as a gift!

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