Book Review – ‘Sew Darn Cute’ by Jenny Ryan

I love sewing and craft books.  It gives you the chance to see what others are doing, and learn some new techniques along the way.  I get so inspired when someone with a great imatination comes out with something different!

Sew Darn Cute

Sew Darn Cute is one of those books.  I almost passed it up.  There are many books out there that have the same old, same old, just done in different fabric.  Not so with Jenny Ryan’s new book.  Out new this spring, Jenny has imagination and has come up with some really, well…..cute ideas!

She starts out with some information that is especially helpful for new sewers about supplies and notions that would be helpful to do the projects in the book.  She also gives you some sewing basics with diagrams that are helpful. She then moves on to her projects.


The first chapter is called ‘Pretties’ which include things you can make for yourself or someone else.  One of my favorites there is the tank top with appliqued and handsewn embellishments that make up a necklace.  Now just looking at these pictures can get your imagination thinking about different things you might do to make this your shirt!

The pictures are good, and she has some great close-ups so you can see the detail that she has included.

dsc016231 See the buttons and metalic thread that is used to create the chain?


She then goes on to do a chapter called ‘Totables’.  There are several useful bags and totes.  The twist is that she does a combination of things to decorate and create these bags.  She uses reverse applique, applique, embroidery, crocheted doilies, etc.

Jenny promotes using old clothes and thrift store finds to create any project that you can.  This gives you a chance to use your imagination and save some $$ as well!

Her next chapter is called ‘Nest’ and has items, you guessed it, for the home.  Cute cafe curtains that are appliqued with a cute scene, coasters, a patchwork table runner, cute ideas for decorating dishtowels, a patchwork travel pillow (great idea!), etc.

Cute Bears Chapter 4 is ‘Kid Stuff’.  Look at these cute square bears!  I think I will make a couple for some baby nursery decoration!  There are several projects for kids of all ages.

Jenny’s final chapter is called ‘Crafties’.  Think reuse and reinvent in several projects in this chapter.  The snap on wrist pin cushion looks great, I can’t wait to make one!

She rounds out the content of the book with templates to enlarge and copy, and a list of resources.


Throughout the book Jenny gives you ideas for changes in embellishment, and themes and variations you can do with each of the projects.  I’d give this book a browse, I know that I start thinking of all kinds of ‘cute’ things to sew when I pick it up!

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  1. I love this book too! So far, I have made three of the quilted bracelets and the wrist pincushio. So cute and fun!

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