For Me……. From Me!


Ok, I have wanted a Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machine since I saw my first one about 30 years ago!  Yes I know, now I am dating myself!

Just a young, beginning quilter, I joined a group of ladies that lived in my community, and we made several log cabin quilts.  And this is the machine that several of them owned!  Easy to tote, and perfect for piecing a quilt.

So I was just ordering some new presser feet to use to quilt with my current sewing machine, and I ran across the Featherweight.  So I started looking  all over the internet, curious about the availability and price, and I ended up on E-Bay.


Well, there were a couple of machines that the bidding was about to end on.  And the prices were so much less than what I was seeing for sale elsewhere.  So I bid! … And I lost.

dsc016352And so I looked to see if there was another one that the bidding hadn’t soared on yet.  And I bid on it!  And I’m not sure what possessed me, but I raised my bid, when there was only two more minutes left.  Someone else then bid, but I won!!!  (I’ll never get the won part, after all we still have to pay for it!)

Anyhow, I think I did pretty good.  There are a couple of things that the seller should have mentioned and didn’t, but overall, I love it!  Here are a few more pictures:

dsc01630The case lining is coming off a little just inside, but I think I will use some archive quality spray adhesive, and attach it back before I make it worse. Otherwise the case looks great!

dsc01638And these are the accessories that came with it.  No book, so I ordered a reproduction book online yesterday.  I still need to spend some time cleaning it up a little, but for the most part, it’s in good condition.  Did I mention that the production year was 1952?

I see it will be a great partner making some new quilts!

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  1. I love your Featherweight – I’m sure that you are really enjoying it. I have one (actually 2) and I really need to get it out and USE it. I also used to take it to quilting class faithfully but that’s been a few years (or maybe 9) ago. Happy Quilting!

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