Chinese Coin Quilt Progress

Coin Quilt TopOK, here it is.  I have all the strips together, and the batting and backing are cut as well, though not shown in this picture.  I haven’t definitely decided how I am going to quilt this, it may be a combination of techniques.  The backing will be white flannel, since this is a baby quilt, and I want it to be warm and comfy. And I think I know what I want to do for the binding.

I also need to do some practice machine quilting before attempt this quilt.  Most of the quilting I have done in the past has been by hand, but I don’t thing that I want to quilt this one by hand.  I’ll have a decision on this by next weekend, if not before!

Thanks for looking!

One thought on “Chinese Coin Quilt Progress

  1. Wow, this is going to be a really cool quilt. I love the flannel on the back idea. For a really special label, visit quilt label designs dot com.

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