My 1st Giveaway!

I decided that it is time for me to have my first giveaway!

Cowboy Tote

This is hanging on the wall, so the picture looks a little off, but you get the idea.  It is a tote bag made with western fabric from Alexander Henry. And, it was made by yours truly!  I chose the western fabric because I am in the southwest!

CloseupHere is a closer look at the fabric.

Inside Cowboy ToteInside, there is one large pocket, and another one divided into 3 sections for your cell phone, ipod, etc. and there is a ribbon that has a fob to hold your keys!  The bag is interfaced to give it some body, and has shoulder straps.

How to win?  Please leave me a comment on this post telling me what you look for and/or like to see when you read a sewing blog.  That’s it!  I’m just looking for some constructive criticism.  My blog is fairly young, and it has been in an everchanging state, always trying to add and improve. And I am in the process of creating my own, original Stitchin’ Chicken header.

So please, leave me a comment.  The comments will be open through Wednesday, March 25th, midnight PST (really Arizona time). I will announce the winner on Thursday so you can contact me with your mailing information and I will send it out by the weekend.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and good luck!

13 thoughts on “My 1st Giveaway!

  1. first, and please don’t take this the wrong way, i’m not commenting to win the tote. it’s so fun and i HEART alexander henry, but i have diaper bags and vera bradly purses galore… so in my quest to stay simple, i would rather this go to someone who can use it.
    2nd, i probably don’t have much to contribute since i’m new to the whole sewing gig, but when i browse around, i’m always up for featured fabrics (the hot designers as well as more frugal means: reuse/repurpose anyone?), as well as easy sewing projects/tutorials. i think the layout of your blog is fabulous and easy to navigate, and that’s almost better than the sewing!

  2. Thank you for offering a giveaway! How nice! I’d love to win a tote.

    I read your Easter Bunny instructions and just wanted to say that your photographs and details are awesome!! I’m not terribly good at crafts or sewing, and I felt like I could do this with my three year old. It looks like such fun and you explained everything so well.

    I guess because there are so many levels of ability when you talk about sewing, perhaps it would be helpful to label your posts as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. While I could never tackle anything but the simplest, someone else might not want to read the easy-peasey ones.

    I agree with the other poster that your blog is very easy to navigate and has a very “clean” look to it. I like your header too!

    Good luck!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog, it’s great. I enjoy finding tutorials
    on blogs and being kept up to date on your current projects. Thanks for putting my name in for your great bag.

  4. Hi,
    As I’m a beginning sewer, I like the sewing blogs that have great tutorials, and how to do things easier, and make the items made, look professional.

    Plus since I have a 3 year old, things that I can make for her easy peasy!

    I just found your sewing blog! I think your tote/purse is cool!

    (Love the old pickup truck in the fabric.)

    yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

  5. p.s. I see where you have a featherweight machine. I most of my sewing on my featherweight machine that I call “Zippy”. “Zippy” looks bad, but sews good!

    I also do a website for my mom, called: She sells the accessories and stuff for the featherweight, and she is a fabric artist herself…..too bad none of that talent is inherited!


    yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

  6. I am very new to sewing so I will definitely be back – it helps that you have pictures and detailed instructions. For someone first starting out what comes as easy and a no-brainer for seasoned seamsters is not for us newbies.

    Thanks and I love that purse!

    I found your blog via the UBP 2009! Hope you will stop by the ranch and check us out!

  7. When I come across sewing blogs, my favorite things to see are pictures of projects. I love final product pictures but I also enjoy a timeline or work-in-progress images. The creation of something is always fun to see, what was at first just scraps of fabric is turned into something useful for everyday life.
    Tutorials and instructions are fun to come across as well!

  8. This is my first visit to your blog! I will be back, as I am an avid sewer, too!

    come on over to my blog and look around! Leave a comment to be eligible to win a prize in my first give away!!! :>)

    This Ultimate Blog Party Rocks!

  9. My son would adore this!

    I look for new things. Items I won’t find in Wal-Mart! I look for really pretty stuff, and very cool stuff. I just like to look. LOL

  10. I love to look at other people’s projects. They inspire me to stop staring & start sewing. I’m also a huge fan of tutorials. Congrats on the success of your blog.

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