A Precious Find!

I had to share!  Just about a block down the road from me there has been a flurry of activity.  People have been walking by a Saguaro cactus, and taking pictures, and looking up.  So after work yesterday, I had to go and see.  I was suspicious, and had a feeling……….

Baby Horned Owls

There are baby horned owls!  Only one peeking out here, but I think that I saw that there are three of them.  One is hiding in the back, and if you look carefully in the next picture……

Baby Horned Owls

Off to the right there is another owl sleeping, and it blends right in with the cactus!

Horned Owls

They are high up, so I had a little trouble getting a great picture, and I don’t want to disturb them.  We are honored to have them close by.  Apparently they don’t nest in too many places around us.


One thought on “A Precious Find!

  1. Oh my, isn’t that adorable! That little owl peaking over the top in the first photo – how precious! And amazing that you were able to sneak close enough to get photos. So cool!!

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