Something Unexpected……..

I received a package today that I wasn’t expecting!  It’s always fun to have things delivered, but I wasn’t really expecting anything.  So when the Fed Ex person (I didn’t see them) left the package and rang the doorbell, well, I wasn’t sure what to expect!

My husband went to the door and brought in a package, reading “It’s from Cindy Cummins, Creative Chicks, LLC. ” I knew the name.  I replied, “I’m not expecting anything!” Then I started remembering back to December (I think it was then) when I had left a sewing tip on the blog for And I won a gift!  But it didn’t come, so after sending an e-mail a few weeks later, and not hearing anything, I put it out of my mind.

Well, diystyle is moving to a new workshop, and Cindy ran across this box of goodies, so she sent them on to me!  Yea!

My Gift!
My Gift!

It is a box of needle felting goodies!  There is a small needle felting tool, a large felting pad, and three felting molds to make a rose, a pansy and a daisy.  I had recently purchased a large felting needle, and a small pad, so now I have a great selection to start doing some needle felting.  I am so excited!!  And there was also a nice note from Cindy apologizing for the oversight.

Thank you again to for the wonderful prize!

I also thought that I would give you a peek at the baby (coin) quilt that I am working on so diligently to finish.

Coin quilt
Coin quilt

I have it quilted going one direction, now I just need to finish quilting it in the opposite direction, bind it, make a label for the back, and I’ll be done!  So I better get going!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting, and have a great end of the week!

One thought on “Something Unexpected……..

  1. Wow, what a great package to be surprised by! Looks like a great kit for needle felting. I always wanted to try that but didn’t want to invest in the tools.

    And your quilting looks fantastic! I still have to quilt my coin quilt. I’m stalling because I haven’t decided how to quilt it. can’t wait to see all your hard work finished!

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