Blue, Blue, My World is Blue!

Blue is my favorite color!  I think that I love everything blue!   How can you go wrong with such a soothing color?  The color of water, the sky, flowers?  I also tend to lean toward blue fabric, and today I took some out of my stash (I’m determined to get this stash down!) and decided that I need to make something with it.  This is where I ended up….

Blue Fabric

This is a little hard to see on the blue mat, but I wanted to show you the strips and stack of fabric as well.

Blue Block

Here is a better picture.  This is a trial sewing run.  I’m not sure, or haven’t completely decided what I am going to do with this block yet.  I don’t have enough of these fabrics to do a quilt.   I am thinking a table topper/runner or wall quilt, or pillows?  So for now, I am going to leave this block hanging up here and think about it.  I know the right thing will come to mind.

Enjoy your Monday!

2 thoughts on “Blue, Blue, My World is Blue!

  1. Looks like a great start! The blues are beautiful. Hope you have fun with this one and enjoy it.

  2. I love blue too! Especially blue skies and the blues of the ocean. For awhile, too much of our house was decorated in blue, so we’re trying to get a little mix of color. I love your blue block! You could make something for the kitchen, or use it as an accent in a tote bag or the center of a tablecloth or frame it for a mini quilt. Looks like fun!

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