Ok, it’s early, and I couldn’t think of anything witty to call this post..

I have found that most people that love to sew and quilt, also love to bake!  So,  I thought that I would share the loaf of bread that I made last night, in between piecing a quilt top (which I hope to have done to show you tonight!):


I got the recipe from a book called  ‘Artisian Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.’  It is a quick, no knead refrigerator bread, and everything they say about the success and ease of making this bread is right!  This loaf is made of white flour, but I have substituted whole wheat for a part of the recipe with great success.

They have several other recipes in the book, I’ve only gotten this far.  Here’s a link to the recipe and some of the vital information that explains the process in more depth.  The link is to Mother Earth News Magazine.  I guarantee that if you like homemade goodness, you will love it!

3 thoughts on “Bread

  1. What a lovely, round loaf! I’ve heard of that book before but I don’t own it. Our bread machine does all of the work here ;)

  2. it looks yummy. thanks for the link. it sounds interesting. i love to bake homemade bread. can’t wait to see the quilt top!

  3. That bread looks so delicious, especially with some cheese on the side. I have always wanted to try artisan bread, and you make it sound like it was easy. Okay, now I’m really hungry! Thanks for the tip.

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