Dreamsicle Quilt

That’s the new name of this quilt:

Dreamsicle Quilt Top
Dreamsicle Quilt Top

My husband looked at it and said, “It reminds me of those orange sherbert and vanilla Dreamsicles that we use to eat!”  So there we have it!

Another View in the Sun
Another View in the Sun

Here’s another view!  The sun really shows how bright it turned out!

Now I just need to quilt it.  I have the material ready for the binding, and I know what I am doing for the backing.  I keep changing my mind about the quilting though.  I’ll take my time, we’ll see how I feel at the end of the week.

I have decided that although I really learned a lot about piecing these triangles (and we should always try to learn something new!), that next I am going to try the method in this book:

Twin Peaks Quilting Book

By Gayle Bong, her ‘Twin Peaks’ method of cutting and piecing triangles looks great!  I can’t wait to try.

And next a sneak peek at an upcoming post, shhhhh!

Remember this?

Bucket Made of Anna Marie's Chocolate Lollipop
Bucket Made of Anna Marie’s Chocolate Lollipop

Well, I had so many requests for a tutorial, that I am making a pattern, and will have the directions for a similar bucket that you can make any size that you would like.  I should have that ready in the next couple of days.

I hope that you had a great weekend.  Enjoy your Monday!!!!

6 thoughts on “Dreamsicle Quilt

  1. Oh yum, I loved dreamsicles! And your quilt does remind me of that. It’s perfect! Love the colors and the triangles came out quite nicely too. I know what you mean about taking your time to decide on the quilting. You want to do just the right thing for this beautiful quilt! Can’t wait for your tutorial – yay! (I haven’t gotten around to making a bucket yet.)

  2. we love orange dreamsicles around our house!

    and your little bucket is making itself at home here. It now sits next to my sewing machine to hold all my little fabric scraps.
    That’s great that you are going to share your tutorial with us!

  3. I think he is right -it does look like the creamsicle.

    What fun.
    Love the bucket/bag. Can’t wait for your tutorial. I think my sewing room could use a few.
    Take care

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