From the Heart…

I have several small projects that I have been working on here and there, that I haven’t spoken about.  I have been wanting to spend more time doing applique work.  I have done machine applique, and I have a couple of projects that I have done raw edge applique work.

Striped Tote Raw Applique
Striped Tote Raw Applique

This is the beginning of a tote I have almost completed.  I have sewn on the flowers with a machine, raw edge applique method.  I actually started this bag last summer!  Bright and summery looking.

My latest endeavor is a wall quilt that is from the book “Bits and Pieces” by Karen Costello Soltys.  The quilts are all small ones, which I enjoy doing to learn techniques that are new to me.

In the book - Maple Sugar Hearts
In the book - Maple Sugar Hearts

Here is the quilt in the book.  I have always had a fondness for hearts.

From the Heart
From the Heart

Here is mine, with the hearts all laid out.  I have a dark blue background with small pink flowers.  The hearts are various pink and blue prints, mostly pink.  I have actually gotten a couple of the hearts sewn on.  Not as easy for me as I thought it may be. I good project for me to learn patience. :)

I hope that your day is full of love!

5 thoughts on “From the Heart…

  1. Such pretty applique! I think I have that Bits and Pieces book too, and I adore it! Great projects!

  2. I can’t wait to see your tote finished…….I love the fabrics you have chosen to use. Your quilt will be adorable. And speaking of adorable……your fabric buckets are fabulous.
    Again, I love the fabrics you have used…….so so so cute!

    Have a beautiful weekend.

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