Old Things Into New

I have been looking at these old quilt tops for a couple of decades now.  Yes, decades!  They aren’t complete tops, at least not complete enough for a bed. They were given to me because I absolutely love quilts, and I guess that someone thought that I would do something with them….

Pastel Quilt Top

Pastel Quilt 2

The lavender and blue is a Shoo Fly pattern.

Pink and Green Quilt

Pink and Green 2

And this quilt, I’ll call it pink and green, is made up of hexagons. A sort of a Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern I think.

I know the pictures really don’t do them justice. As you can see, they are made with some vintage  fabrics and are pretty much scrap quilts. And I have taken them out of storage more times than I can truly remember.

So I think that it is my duty to finally iron and repair them, and make something new!

Thanks for stopping by so that I could share them with you!

2 thoughts on “Old Things Into New

  1. You must do something with these quilts – they are so lovely! I love the colors and the blocks that were used. What a nice treasure to have.

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