Our Independence

4th of JulyToday many families and friends will be gathering to have BBQ’s, picnics, and see fireworks. It’s always nice to have some extra time off work as well.  As this day has been approaching, I have also reminisced about many wonderful celebrations I’ve had with my own family and friends.

But as I think back, I don’t think that I really appreciated the real meaning behind the day as much as I do now.  The sacrifices that were made for the independence and liberties that we enjoy as Americans was, and still is, tremendous.  Those overseas are making the ultimate sacrifice because they believe in our freedoms.

I just want to take just a few moments to say thank you to those that have, and those that are still fighting for Americans to stay a free country. I appreciate your commitment to your country and the sacrifices that you and your families are making.

GOD BLESS YOU on this Independence Day!!

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  1. Love your banner over the front door, and the reminder about the sentiment it represents! Happy independence to you and your family too.

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