Disappointments and New Beginnings

Well, I have to say that I am disappointed.

The pinwheel baby quilt that I have been working on for the baby shower at work just isn’t working out.  I have been having too many problems quilting it.  I guess that there are too many ‘firsts’ on this one for me.  (I started the list here, but thank goodness for you there is a delete button!)

Just being who I am, I can’t give someone a gift that I am not happy with.  I believe that the future is going to include removing stitches, and a lot of re-sewing! And the quilt will remain in the family (hehe!)

So life goes on!

Peter Rabbit!
Peter Rabbit!

I have this Peter Rabbit fabric that I have been waiting for the right moment to use, and some red gingham, and red ric rac and white eyelet.  I think that this has baby written all over it!  I have already started……

One thought on “Disappointments and New Beginnings

  1. Boo, that doesn’t sound good! You were so excited about this project. I’m sure you will come up with an equally beautiful project with that adorable Petter Rabbit fabric. And then you will also finish that quilt under less pressure, and it will be beautiful again! Keep your chin up.

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