A Week in Review

I can’t believe that another week has gone by, and I haven’t posted! I feel like I have done a lot, and then I haven’t really gotten anything done.

I’ve been concentrating on home a lot. We’re doing some work on the house, getting it ready to put on the market next year. So that is taking some time. And I am a DIY person, although most of what is going on now we are hiring out. Making the plans, reviewing what we’re going to do, and gathering all of the information and some of the supplies is taking some time.

And on the sewing front, I have been getting some things together for my Etsy shop, planning and sewing.  I have also opened a shop on Artfire.com. I am putting the same things up in my shop there which is taking a fair amount of time.

I have completed a couple of buckets…

Sm Bucket

This small one I put in my Etsy shop.  It’s made from Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party fabric.  I made a medium size one for my daughter..

Kathryn's Basket
Kathryn's Basket

This matches Kathryn’s room, which is brown and pink.

Here is a peek at a couple of WIP’s I am currently working on…..

Pillow Top
Pillow Top

I love the blues in these fabrics!  I am hand quilting this, it’s going to be the front of a pillow.  I’ll let you in on more about this later.

And a couple more WIP’s that may end up in the Etsy and Artfire shops…

Chicken Set
Chicken Set

A couple of machine quilted hot pads, and a towel that will be trimmed with chicken fabric.

Chicken Scratch quilting
Chicken Scratch quilting

I chose a machine stitch that somewhat resembled chicken footprints to quilt across the hot pads.  I only quilted in one direction so that the quilting didn’t distract so much from the chickens.

Making of a Coffee Set
Makings of a Coffee Set

And the makings of a coffee bucket with matching hot pads/trivets. Both fabrics are a batik print, so the colors are fairly vivid.

I better get back to sewing.  Lots to get done!

I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “A Week in Review

  1. That chicken scratch stitching is really cool! I tried a feather stitch today for the first time – so fun. I love all the projects you have going on. I finally remembered to add your etsy shop to my blogroll.

    Getting the house ready to put on the market sounds like a lot of work (and inconvenience). Hope you’re hanging in there with those house projects. Where are you guys going to move to? just curious.

  2. I really like the chicken scratch quilting! The batik coffeehouse fabric is also very unique and eye-catching. It’s going to make a great completed project.

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