Weekend Reflections

There are times that we need to just pause, sit back, and reflect.  Maybe relax is a better word than reflect.  Either way, this is something that I don’t do often enough. The weather this weekend has given us a break, which we don’t get too often in August.  The morning temperatures have dipped about 20°, from 88° at 5 am to about 68° which has made it incredibly comfortable to sit in our backyard and sip on a latte (or coffee or tea, whatever your pleasure is)…



And take a look around.  I love to garden, and I have to plant pretty hardy plants.  But not all of them have to have stickers on them….


I love aloe and agave plants, and other succulent type plants that bloom.  I have better luck with the aloe in pots because I can protect them from the direct sunlight a little better.  And the others do better where the rabbits can’t get in and eat them!

Then once in awhile we get other visitors….


I caught a glimps of a male red cardinal in the Firethorn bushes. They only show up from Spring through Fall.


He wasn’t going to make it easy for me to get a good picture!  And these were through my dining room window!  You can only see them up in the area that I live in here.  We’re at about 2600 ft elevation, and apparently they don’t like it further south.  Usually you see the female close by as well, but this year I haven’t seen her at all.

And for anyone that doesn’t think that there is much life in the desert, all you have to do is fill your birdfeeder!


A flurry of activity this morning!

Take the time to sit back and refresh.  Life seems to move by so quickly.  I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections

  1. I sure would love to join you for some weekend reflecting over a couple of latte! How nice that you got a break in the summer heat. I love your aloe/succulent container garden. We have a few hens and chicks in our gardens. They’re so cool and easy to take care of. Cool bird photos! Those can be hard to capture on film.

  2. Beautiful gardens and so different from mine, its like we live in different countries! I did take some time to relax today – I have a busy week ahead of me.

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