BC Crafters, Gardeners and a Quilter!

I want to share these pictures with you, of a group of talented crafters, bakers, painters and quilters that sell items at the Bella Coola Farmers Market.  The market is very small, most of the vacationers are gone now.  There were a few wildfires that were started with lightning strikes, a couple of weeks before I went up.  So most of the vacationers left.

My mothers usually has a table at the market where she sells their honey, some garden produce, sweets that she bakes and items that she sews.  She didn’t participate when we were there, but she thought that we would enjoy seeing the place she is always talking about spending her time from late spring until early fall.


This is Wilma.  She is the local quilter that also teaches classes commissions quilts for vacationers (and locals if they wish) and sells fabric on occasion.  Her she is chatting with my mother and father (he is behind mom!)

DSC03041Here are a few of her smaller wall hangings.


Here she has a table full of quilted postcards.  She told me that she has made about 500 this summer! You can see the outdoor theme must be a good seller here.

DSC03040This is a table runner that she made by weaving fabric together and then quilting over it, and doing some bargello piecing.


Here is a Sunbonnet Sue baby quilt and a dolphin quilt made by Brenda, who was one of Wilma’s students.


Here are a couple more of Brenda’s quilts.


There were lots of knitted and crocheted baby items,


Some beautiful hand carved wood boxes,

Here’s a closer look at the work….


Some paintings (there are a lot of artists in the area!)…



Some homemade jam, and lots of baked goods!  You can also find fresh eggs here. There wasn’t much of the fresh produce left by the time that we arrived.  Apparently it goes fast!


Since the area only has about 4,000 residents, during the summer months, I thought that it was wonderful that the locals have a place to show their talents off, and bring people together.

I find it so inspiring to be able to talk to others see what they are doing.  There are so many talented people everywhere.

It was such a pleasure to be able to visit with everyone here and photograph their work!

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  1. I love those wood boxes and those paintings too! Sounds like your mom will have a great booth too. What an amazing group of artists. Were you overwhelmed and overjoyed just being there?

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