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Quilted Pillow Panels

When I was up in BC, my mother gave me these pillow covers she had made.  They are actually panels that she layered with batting and a backing and then machine quilted around the lines.  I thought that this would be a great idea to mention here, because as the holidays get closer, we have a little less time to put together something that makes a nice, and also quick, gift idea.

The back is made by taking two pieces of fabric that you fold over the raw edge twice, about 1/4″ each fold, and sew along the edge.  Overlap the hemmed edges a few inches, and lay them right side down facing the right side of what will be the front of the pillow.  Sew around the outside edges.  Turn right side out.

overlapped back of pillow

This is what the back will look like when assembled.  Insert a pillow form through the opening.

bear panel

Panels like this bear,

bird panels

Or these birds (excuse the wrinkles, I took these out to send up to mom) will make great pillows for  men who enjoy the outdoors, for someone that has a home decorated in an outdoor motif or a vacation home.  Use the decorative edge to add some interest to the back of the pillow cover.

Time to get my machine going, I need to start some gifts myself!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great gift idea! I think I have some panels that would make great pillows for the right person.

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