Mini Quilt Done and Mailed!


Indian Summer Mini Quilt
Indian Summer Mini Quilt

I am calling this the Indian Summer mini quilt.  I love the Chevron pattern in this.  It was a challenge for me, I really need the practice making those exact 1/4″ seams.  It comes down to the pressing and cutting as well.  As careful as I try to be, I think that practice is the only way that I will get better at it.  I hope that my swap partner doesn’t mind that I tried something new to me, on their quilt!

Swap Package
Swap Package

I included some recipe cards, small note cards, a magnet and a mini pad w/a pen.  Since it is feeling like fall in a lot of places, I thought that the fall items would be a great addition to the package.

I ran it down to the post office, mailed priority mail, so he/she should have it in just a few days.

Cross my fingers!

I had enough strips left, that are already cut and ready to make into rows.  I am thinking that I will make another one, I really love this pattern!  At this angle, it almost has a 3-D look!

Indian Summer Mini Quilt
Indian Summer Mini Quilt

Well, off to start another project (or maybe I should just finish some I have already going!)!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

5 thoughts on “Mini Quilt Done and Mailed!

  1. I have one like this that I really need to finish. Started it last year and haven’t done anything with it since. Ugh. It just didn’t go together as fast as I like and then it was at my mom’s instead of my house. Need to finish.
    Love yours! Great colors! And it does have a 3d effect

  2. I like the bright colors of this quilt. Your swap partner should really like this. You can’t be too picky about your workmanship. We all have first things we try and just need to keep practicing.

  3. You are absolutely right, it does have a 3D effect. I love the name you gave it – fits it perfectly. It reminds me of those colorful ears of corn you see around the harvest time. I’m jealous of your partner, who is very lucky to get this quilt!

  4. Oh Cheryl, I LOVE IT!!!

    I just came home after a long day at work and a trip to the store. What a nice surprise to find a package for me waiting on the kitchen counter.

    I couldn’t wait…I didn’t even put away my purchases! I brought your package into the living room, eager to see which quilt was going to be MINE!

    I love love love the Chevron pattern. I’ve been wanting to make one of these, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I love the Indian Summer colors, and how appropriately named this little quilt is. I think your work is very nice. Don’t be hard on yourself, cause I think it’s wonderful.

    It’s gray and bleak outside today. If it’s nicer out tomorrow, I’m going to have my hubby take a picture of me and the quilt.

    The extra goodies you sent are so sweet of you.

    Thank you so much! I hope you receive a wonderful quilt from your exchange partner, too.

    Best wishes and many hugs

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