My Friendship Bag has Arrived!!

Today I arrived home from work with a wonderful surprise waiting for me!  A great thing to see after a Monday! My package from my Friendship Bag Swap partner is here!!! Yea!!

Excited as I am, I carefully open the package, I can’t wait to see…..


And here is a closer look at the outside decorative stitch detail…


And there are little star buttons where the handles are attached….


And then I peek inside…..


And here’s what I see, all carefully wrapped in tissue……


So many goodies!  I love the blackbird, I’m sure he’ll get along fine with my chickens (he,he!)  And the wooden hearts and stars are so sweep, and match the bag.  All so cute!!  An all American package!  The candle is a Yankee Candle, and smells wonderful!!


And the seasonal touch of fall in the napkins.  What a wonderful package to receive, and it came from Mary Pat who lives in Seymour, Wisconsin.  Thank you so much Mary Pat, I absolutely love, love, love it!  You’ll be receiving an appropriate thank you from me in the mail!

Thanks so much for stopping  by and sharing this with me, I truly appreciate all of you!  Take care, and I’ll see you later!

3 thoughts on “My Friendship Bag has Arrived!!

  1. Hey, your partner was from Wisconsin?! Cool! What a wonderful package she sent you. Those fabrics are great, and that decorative stitching really pulls it together. It’s always nice to see all the extras people throw into their swap packages. Enjoy!

  2. I am so glad you received your bag package and that you liked it. I had fun putting it together for you even I did not know who you were at the time. Enjoy and have a wonderful fall. Mary Pat

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