Bloggers Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

After seeing everyone having so much fun with the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I just had to jump on board!  There are tons of prizes to be given away, and so, so many blogs listed to visit! There is nothing like a large group of friendly quilters to inspire you!

I want to showcase this quilt….

Coin Quilt

This quilt has special meaning to me.  First of all, I made it for my niece’s first baby.   I chose fabrics for this special quilt that  I had chosen to make things for my daughter when she was small.  Going through and choosing the fabrics brought back many pleasant memories for me.  I felt that this particular quilt needed to be made with fabric that had a special meaning.

Pink Coin Quilt

This quilt was also the first quilt that I had attempted to machine quilt.  I had always hand quilted or tied any quilts or patchwork projects that I completed in the past.

Quilting Closeup

And this quilt is also the first quilt that I have completed in many years!  I moved away from sewing, quilting and crafting for a number of years so that I could return to school.  Needless to say,  raising a family, working full time, and going to school full time, I didn’t have time to sew.  Although it wasn’t a large project, it gave me a real sense of accomplishment.

This quilt represents many special firsts that connect to the past and bring things full circle for me.  I know that Lindsey is enjoying this quilt for her new baby girl, and I have been able to share a part of my daughter’s past with her.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with me!  Take care!


15 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

  1. I loved this quilt when you first revealed it! I remember you worked so diligently for about a week on the machine quilting. It turned out really beautiful. And it has such a great story behind it too.

  2. Beautiful quilt! And what a wonderful gift that includes special fabrics that remind you of your daughter! Good job on the machine quilting also. Let me tell you, if I hand quilted stuff I would never get any quilts done!

    Thanks for sharing your quilt and story.


  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love hearing all the stories behind the quilts. What a great gift for your niece, I’ m sure she will treasure it.

  4. Oh, that’s such a lovely story. : ) The quilt you made/gave is an instant family heirloom and comes with love and family heritage. Isn’t that an amazing thing about quilts!!! Glad you were able to squeeze in a little quilt making for a special birth! It’ll be there the next time you’re ready to stitch something up again!

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