Christmas is on the Way!

Wow!  Can you believe how fast time is slipping by?  I’ve been so busy working on the house, and trying to get my mini quilts out that I have had no real concept of time.  Then today at work, I walked by a whiteboard where one of my co-workers is tracking how many days until Thanksgiving, and how many days until Christmas! Lucky she’s there, or I’d be way off!

Ornament button Well this last weekend I was trying to go by an visit some of the blogs that I enjoy peeking at from time to time, and I’m behind there too, and I found that over at Daisy Quilts, there is going to be a Christmas ornament swap!  Now, I know I’ve been somewhat absent around here, doing all of those projects I keep volunteering for, but what better way to get yourself into the holiday spirit?

Go over to Daisy Quilts and check it out!  The signups end November 1.  You will know who your swap partner is, and you only send the ornament and a card.  Nothing else is allowed. And I should add that you have to be willing to ship internationally. Sending Christmas around the world!  How fun!

Now my sewing update!  I don’t have any pictures that I can show you now.  But I have mailed off a mini (small) quilt, and a really mini quilt, along with some goodies to two of my swap partners!  And I have received my really mini quilt as well!  But I want my partners to receive their goodies before I post any pictures.  So hopefully, later this week.

And I did finish the Courthouse Steps wall hanging!  Yea!  I have a couple of other projects that I have started, so I should have some pictures of those shortly.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful fall!  Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,  Cheryl





2 thoughts on “Christmas is on the Way!

  1. Thank you so much for that tip about the ornament swap. I have been thinking about looking for one to join. I like the idea that it’s a small swap, since things get so busy during the holidays.

    All your sewing projects sound wonderful. Can’t wait till you can reveal the pictures of those minis! It’s fun to have lots of projects in the works.

  2. Idon’t think I will have time this year, but I will be able to
    check out beautiful ornanments that are created. Thanks Cheryl for the link.
    Hope all is well,

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