A Piece of Fall

I keep waiting for fall to appear here.  I thought that I had a peek at it last week, when the low temperature was about 42° for a couple of mornings.  But here it was in the 90’s today, and it’s November 3! Arghh!

So I am looking around the house for some way to make it feel like fall.  And then I remembered that I made this little fall wall quilt last year!

Fall Pinwheels
Fall Pinwheels

It’s about 12″ or so across, and about 20″ in length.

Button Flowers
Button Flowers

I added these orange buttons, and did a satin stitch on my machine to make the stems and leaves.

Fall Wall Hanging

I love the sunflower fabric, and how it pops out in the quilt!

This will help inspire me to do my quilt for the Fall Quilt Swap!

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2 thoughts on “A Piece of Fall

  1. Love it! How could you forget about something so sweet. I love how the blue fabrics look like the sky background behind the sunflowers. Cool feature with the flower stems and leaves too.

  2. Hi Cheryl. I like the 2 fabrics together. Instead of the expected – putting a more fall color there. You went for the more unexpected. Love that. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

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