By the Bucket Full!

Hi!  Sorry I haven’t been posting here, but there really hasn’t been much to post about!  I’ve been up to my ears in work, some on the house, some getting ready for others to work on the house, a special custom order from my Etsy shop, and a couple of items ready to put in the shop.

It gets dark early here now, usually fairly dark by about 5:30, so it’s been hard for me to get any pictures taken of anything that I’ve sewn.  And since my sewing space is in my bedroom, and we are having some work done in there, I haven’t really been able to get to my sewing table.  Challenging all the way around. But tonight I managed to get a couple of pictures taken outside, of some baskets/buckets that I’ve completed:

The custom order I received was for a large bucket, made of the same fabric as this small one.  I didn’t get a picture because I finished it on Friday night, and put it in the mail on Saturday morning.  Destination:  Singapore!  Yes, one of my buckets/baskets in Singapore!  I really have trouble holding back my enthusiasm! It’s so hard to believe that something made by my hands is that far away!

This floral bucket/basket is the size of the basket that I sent.  This one is out of the same fabric from Moda that I used last summer.  I just posted this one up in my shop.

And here is another small one that I completed:

I had just a fat quarter of this fabric, which is just one of my favorites!  I am listing this one in my shop as well.  I think that these bucket would make wonderful gifts on their own, or to fill with other things, and use as a part of the gift!

How about some yarn, or some sewing supplies, or chocolate goodies!

I have a couple more cut out and partially assembled out of coffee sack printed burlap bags.  I absolutely love them, and will post them up when they’re complete.

Until I get a little more order around here, which should be by the weekend I think (which should last for at least a couple of days) I may not get much sewing done.  But I am planning!!!  I have had all of my Christmas sewing and craft books out, and my patterns and I have a ton of ideas!  I’ve even started a couple of Christmas gifts.

What are you working on now?  Decorations?  Gifts? Please share with us!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Take care,  Cheryl




2 thoughts on “By the Bucket Full!

  1. You have been so busy! and productive too! I adore each and every one of your buckets. How cool to ship one of them to Singapore. I wonder what will go in it. I just finished making a bunch of things for my shop. Since we are going on a trip in a couple days, I am not in the middle of any one sewing project right now. Weird, I know!

  2. You have been really busy. I am so hapy it is working so well for you with your shop. Hope the holiday season brings in more business. (I also wish you the time to work on it)
    I am trying to get a few Christmas presents done.
    Some glass pieces too.

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