I’d Like You to Meet Ted…..

I know that his name is not very original, but it really suits him.  Ted has been a WIP for quite some time.  I finally made the decision that he needed to come to life!

It just wasn’t fair to leave him partially done, lying on the sewing table.

Ted is 4 1/2″ tall standing, and only 3″ tall when sitting.  He is entirely hand sewn from ultrasuede, so he is verrrry soft!

His arms and legs are attached with some pretty brown buttons…

He’s hoping that someone will go to my Etsy shop and adopt him.  Give him as a loving gift, and maybe even give him a more original name!  Oh Please!!  LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Take Care,    Cheryl

2 thoughts on “I’d Like You to Meet Ted…..

  1. Ted is so cute! When you mentioned how little he is, I had to go back to the first picture to see. (I didn’t notice the hand holding him for comparison)


  2. Aw, Ted looks like such a sweet teddy bear! I bet he was fun to make, especially working with the luxurious ultrasuede. Too Cute!

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