Experimenting and Prototypes……

I have found little bits and pieces of time where I have gotten in a little sewing!  I’ve been wanting to make some fabric buckets from the coffee bean bags that I purchased some time ago on E-bay.  As with anything new, there tends to be some experiementing with new fabrics and how they react when using them in different ways.

I managed to get a small bucket made, which I lined with some unbleached muslin:

Small Coffee Sack Bucket

I folded over the lining to cover the top edge and sewed it with a decorative stitch. Using the muslin worked fine, but I think that I need to do something else on the upper edge.  I like the top folded over, but looking at it closer, I need to attach it further down.

Project Storage

I’m using this one for the storage of some small needlework I’m working on.  I’ll make some adjustments on the next one, and should be able to put some up into my Etsy and Artfire shops.

And the large bucket is lined with an unbleached canvas, to give it more strength:

Large Coffee Sack Bucket

I love how the large basket turned out, but the top seam was hard to sew, and pretty bulky.  I use a double layer of cotton batting for stability in this size of basket, and I have to overlock stitch the inside seams of the burlap so that they don’t unravel with use.  This makes the seams a lot harder to sew over.

Bottom of Large Coffee Sack BucketWhen I cut these buckets out, I fussy cut, and try to place the front, bottom and back over the most wording I can.  I love how this works out, although the back has upside down words, ooops!  It can’t be helped when using a one piece pattern.

Anyhow, I think that I’ve learned quite a lot about sewing with the burlap, and I know that I will have several made before you know it, and in the shop!  Meantime, I’m sure that I will find a use for this basket as well!

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6 thoughts on “Experimenting and Prototypes……

  1. I love those bags done in the burlap. They could be used for so many things. And if they still smell like coffee – heavenly!

  2. Wow, these buckets are so cool! How fun to be playing with prototypes. I especially love that burlap you used on the larger bucket. (I have only seen coffee bean bags online.) And what a good idea to use unbleached fabric so you could put chips or rolls in these. It’s really nice to find some time to play around with ideas floating around in your head. Keep up the great experimenting!

  3. Hi, I found your blog while browisng for Burlap buckets I sell industrial Objects and I think your buckets will be a wonderful addition to our style of decoration. I have a question, when you washed the burlap how did you keep it form coming apart and making such a mess in the washer or should I ask if you even put in the washer at all?
    Do you whole sale your buckets? and how much are they? how many sizes do they come in?
    Thank you

  4. Hi, I browsed your site while searching yahoo for coffee. Your website is really amazing and I like the theme. Just thought would let you know that I have subscribed to your rss feed. Also on a couple of pages I came across a 404 error and after refreshing a couple of times was able to view the pages. Thank you

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