A Little Here, a Little There….

I managed to fit in a small amount of sewing this weekend.


Free Form Quilting Practice


I have taken some scraps and batting  spent some time practicing free form quilting with my springform open toe foot.  I first maneuvered the fabric up and down (from top to bottom), and then I went from side to side, trying to get some practice doing this quilting technique without using up too many scraps!  I can see that it is going to take a few hours of practice before I apply this to any projects that I am working on!

And I have also been working on this:

Sneak Peak

Just a sneak peek at the Fall Quilt Swap Quilt that I am finishing up and sending out the door!  I had hoped that I would get more practice in with the quilting, but I decided that I am pushing it, trying to freeform quilt this for someone else!

That’s it for now, kind of quiet on the sewing front.  Hopefully, I will only have a couple more weeks of slow sewing and make enough headway getting the house together enough that I can actually spend quality time with my sewing machine!

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  1. Your free motion quilting practice looks great! It’s a fun thing to practice, but I get so nervous to do it on a bed-size quilt. Love your fall quilt swap project. What a lovely idea to add those leaves to the tree branch. You will have a lucky partner!

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