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Today’s featured shop belongs to Ashley Reale and is called…..”getReale“!  Ashley is currently showcasing her latest watercolors called “Twenty Bunnies”  and I’m telling you, they are absolutely adorable!

This is Bunny #6.

Ashley joined the Etsy community in August 2008. She has been drawing since the age of 6 and has always known that she would end up working in a creative field.  She is currently working in the fashion industry, although I think that she has found her true calling right here!

Bunny #14

I think that these are bunnies with attitude!

Ashley also has a blog also called ‘getReale.’ Here you can read about her other creative adventures, such as the pop-up cards that she just made. I hope you don’t mind Ashley, I ‘borrowed’ your picture from your blog!

All Andy's Cards

Her blog will also give you more insight about the girl behind the art.

Bunny #8

I think that this one is one of my favorites!  The bunny is taking a leap of faith!

Bunny #9
Bunny #9
Bunny #20

Please stop by and visit Ashley’s Etsy shop – getReale. And stop by her blog and leave a few encouraging words, or just say hi!

2 thoughts on “Featured Etsy Shop – getReale…

  1. Aw, I love Ashley’s bunny collection! They are so sweet (unlike the bunnies eating my tulips). I especially love bunny #6 and #20 – that pose is precious. Her pop-up cards are so cool. I used to love playing with those but never made one. Thanks for the tip to another artist shop and blogger!

  2. Thanks for featuring me, Cheryl!!
    I just love what you’re doing with all these Etsy shop features–you’ve introduced me to so many wonderfully creative artists :)

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