A Little Spring Color Inspiration…..

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to inspire…..


Rolls and Rolls of Color!


I found these small packages of ribbon at Target, in their $1 bins as you go in the door.  I thought that they were so sweet, I had to have one of each color!  Each reel is only 1/2 yard, but I thought that they would be great for some of the small projects that I have planned for this spring and summer!


My Main Ribbon Drawer...


I mixed them all in my main ribbon drawer.  Look at all of the wonderful color!  The sun is peeking through the window and casting a small amount of light on them.


Lace Drawer


And I knew that the lace drawer would not want to be left out! :)

And here is the latest fabric basket added to my Etsy and Artfire shops.  This is the large one.  The outside is made of vintage floral cotton fabric, a pale blue cotton lining, and warm and natural batting as the interfacing.


Large Fabric Basket of Vintage Floral Cotton


Spring is showing up everywhere!

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One thought on “A Little Spring Color Inspiration…..

  1. What a great idea to stock up on a great selection of ribbon colors! I can’t believe these were only $1 at Target. I never find crafty stuff like that at Target. Very lovely new basket! I can just picture all sorts of things in it, such as nylons, bills, jewelry, even ribbons!

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