My Renewed Sewing Area

As I have mentioned in the past, we have been doing some work on our house so we can put it up for sale.  This has forced me to think carefully about my sewing area.  I can’t have too much there, the room looks too crowded, but I still need it to be functional.

This is what it looked like,  just a little crowded, maybe messy, but productive! :)


A peak at the bookcase

And I stored some notions and miscellaneous on this bookcase right next to the table.


And now

And this is what it looks like now!  I painted the black bookcase a slightly off white color, to match the table.

I cleaned up the top of the table, and all of the boxes and baskets underneath have been removed.  I only have one large antique crate that I added wheels on the bottom of, that holds my current projects, and a couple of smaller containers that I need frequently that hold supplies.  Here are some closer looks at what I left here……….


The Table Top

The bulletin board was just a cork board, and I padded and covered it with some fabric that I used for a table cover and pillow in my room (this isn’t new).  I use it to pin up ideas, family pictures, etc.



The newly cleaned up and organized bookcase.  I moved my thread containers over here to give me more room on the table for sewing projects.  This also keeps it out of the light more.  I reorganized some tins that are  from a collection that I have, so that the ones with items I use more frequently are more accessible.  They also add more color and interest to the room.


Container for Scissors & Tools

I painted this clay pot some time ago to hold my scissors and some upholstery tools on the table, ready for use!


Tins hiding notions
thread containers
Other storage

Next to the bookcase I have some rolling drawers that hold some lace, ribbon, patterns, zippers, bias tape and other trims.  They are easy to move, and allow me to see what is inside of them without digging everything out.


antique crate

Here is the antique crate that I roll under the table.  I own 3 of these, and usually stack the other two on top.  But to simplify things and the amount of sewing I have in the room (you know, that spacious look, lol!) I am currently only using one.


table top storage

On the top of the table, I have a few organizers and boxes to keep my supplies at hand.


organizing drawers

I picked up a workshop organizer, and made labels for the drawers.  I added some smaller drawers on top for small scissors, pins and bobbins, and a tin to hold larger rotary cutters and miscellaneous items I like to get to quickly.


antique wood box

I picked up this antique wood box a few years ago, and it has been on my sewing table ever since.  It has a metal handle on each end.  I have a pencil holder inside, that holds my marking pens and small rulers, and I have several of my small to medium templates in the back.  There are also stencils, spray sizing and several other items that I like to keep close at hand.

I have enjoyed sharing my sewing space with you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “My Renewed Sewing Area

  1. Yay, I just love seeing your sewing space! And it looks so well organized. I especially love your bookshelf and those adorable tins for holding notions. Great idea! I found one of those old-fashioned tins recently – a Holly Hobbie – but I never knew what to do with it. Now I know, thanks to you. Love your organizing drawers too, which keeps everything so neat and tidy.

  2. Oh, I just love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a big tidy and reorganise. Add to it the fact that you get to pour over all your beloved craft supplies and where is the excuse not to? :D You’ve inspired me to break out my feather duster

    I think I may be in love with your storage crate. Where did you discover it?

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