It’s Time to Come Back….

I think that I have been kept away far too much!  We have been remodeling our home in Arizona, purchased a home in Washington state, and have moved about 1/3 of our present home, up to our new home.

I have missed blogging and sewing and sharing everything with all of you.  But I now think that it is time to give you a peek at our new cottage:

Our New Home

Now I took a ton!!! of pictures.  Mostly so I could remember a lot of the details of the house.  I was still unpacking and cleaning, etc. when I decided that I better get going and start snapping before it was too late and I had to catch a plane!  I will try not to bore you with these, but I thought that I would share a few at a time.

The Entrance!

Now some of these things will be changing over time.  The front door is a dark green, (now nothing wrong with green) but I think that I will end up making it red! It just seems right to have an entry door that says welcome!

As you can see, the trees on either side of the walkway need trimmed.  All of the gardens need thinned out, and weeded and tons of work.  But I am back here in Arizona, so it will have to wait.

I will be quiet now, and just show some pictures…

The front porch, as well as the deck on the back of the house is stained a redwood color, and I have plans to change that as well.

I don’t think that I mentioned that we have 5 acres.  The area behind the house is all wooded, and there is a small creek that flows back there. A small bridge is over the creek so you can get  into the woods to the rear of the property.  It is so quiet and peaceful there, a place that really transforms you.

There are many, many gardens here as you can see.  I cannot wait to dig in! Just a few more pictures of those……

OK, I think that I have probably done enough….lol! I can’t expect everyone to be as excited as I am, a long awaited dream!

Next time, I will give you a sneak peek at the inside…….

Thanks for taking the time to come by,

Take care,


4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Come Back….

  1. Wow, your new house is so gorgeous! I love that front entry, and think a red door would look fabulous. And 5 acres? That is amazing! Just look at all that greenery you will get to dig into, compared to the landscaping and scenery in Arizona. I’m so excited for you with this new house! Thank you so much for sharing a peak at your new house and yard.

    1. Hi Terri! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I miss being there already, I can’t wait to get my (huge in my mind) vegetable garden, and orchard in, and start working those flower beds!

      I will be here in Arizona, living anyhow, until we sell. We won’t be putting this house on the market until fall. Cross your fingers!

      Take care,


      PS, I am so excited about the ornament swap!

  2. what a beautiful home! I agree, a red door will be so nice.
    The gardens are so pretty. And i love the idea of a little bridge taking you into the woods.
    I’m sure you are going to enjoy living there.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am so excited, I can hardly wait to be there all the time!!

      I hope your summer with the kids is going well!! They grow so fast!

      Take care, Cheryl

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