Book Review: Free and Easy stitch style by Poppy Treffry

Finally, here it is!  I have wanted to tell you about this book since this last spring, so here we go..

I purchased this book, not so much for the projects that are included, but because of the techniques that Poppy shows you in this book.  If you have read my blog for very long, you may have seen a few things that I have made using raw-edge applique.  I love the free and easy style of this type of sewing.   Well this book is that and so much more.

Poppy Treffry has such a delightful style!  She has created a book (all 128 pages) that is sure to spur the imagination of anyone wanting to just get into a project and add their own style without following a lot of rigid rules.

Yes she has some really cute projects in here that will certainly get you going.  But she has also packed the book with a lot of creative direction using diagrams and pictures to show you how to do a wide range of sewing, quilting and embroidery techniques.  She has also added a lot of tips along the way.

She has you experimenting with shapes, shading, outlining, highlighting, and creating dimension with thread.

A large part of what I like about her technique is that it seems almost impossible to make a mistake!  Talk about taking off the pressure!  And  you can be truly creative.  If something doesn’t come out exactly the way you planned, why not add more stitching or a different color or embellishment to it and make it something different?

Poppy also gives you some instruction on pressing, trimming, dealing with your edges, experimenting with different fabrics, and encouragement to try new things.  She includes a troubleshooting section so if you are having trouble with your thread or machine, you can look over her ’cause’ and ‘solution’ section.  I am sure that the things she has included are very common problems that most of us would encounter.

I love that she has such a large design wall of ideas, and uses an old Singer machine!

She has a lot of projects in the book, about twelve of them.

Here is a closer look at some of the instructions for some of the projects, and there are templates for your use in the back of the book, as well as an index to help you locate some of the tips and instructions a little easier.

I am inspired every time that I open up this book.  I love Poppy’s free and easy spirit in her creations.  I recommend that you find a copy and get a closer look at this book yourself!  I hope you enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Free and Easy stitch style by Poppy Treffry

  1. Oh my goodness, I have to have this book! I love the illustrations and pictures she provides for learning the techniques. I love the look of raw edge stitching for outlining shapes, giving a project so much more character. I adore that sketchy look! And you know I love adding details and embellishments to my patchwork projects too. I have not seen this book before, so I thank you greatly for this fabulous review and the sneak peaks to the inside!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    I love this book too!!!I will have to get a closer look. I love the whimsy of some of the designs.
    Thank you for your kind comments. People like you have helped me sustain through the tough times. It is a process and I have to get through.
    Your kindness has meant the world to me.
    PS. love the new blogsite too.

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