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After spending many months cleaning, scraping and painting just about everything around the house in preparation of selling, I finally got to enjoy doing some quick (maybe not too quick) sewing projects to pull the house together just a little bit more.

One of those items was this table cover.  It is actually a shower curtain that I cut and hemmed into a circle.  I found one in colors that were fairly neutral, matched my furniture, and was the perfect size to use on this table.  A lot less expensive to do that using upholstery/drapery fabric.

Another project was this slipcover for the loveseat.  I know it’s a little crumpled in this picture, but I used a natural color canvas fabric that I pre-washed.  I actually whipped this together quickly (well, rather quickly) just to get it done before the holidays.  I will probably make another one down the road, but for now, it’s an improvement!

My first slipcover, I really learned a lot!

I also needed something to add a little color in the den, so I used some floral drapery fabric that I had left after making window coverings for the french doors a couple of years ago.

A little hard to see here, but I wanted to give you a quick look.  Pretty simple, yet it really added to the room.

This is what the french doors look like.  I made the window treatments for the doors because we had a sleep sofa in the room that we used for out of town company.  We just removed the tassel tie-backs so the windows were covered for privacy.

This gives you a little more insight to what I’ve been doing, and why I have been so absent the last few months.  If you would like to see some of my furniture painting projects that I have been working on, stop by my other blog, All My Eggs.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me!

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8 thoughts on “Handmade Home

  1. Love your home improvements! I wish I were better at doing stuff like this. Great idea to repurpose a shower curtain for such a great table cover. I am going to start looking at the shower curtains at Target in a different way now. Your new sofa is so inviting with that fresh, crisp slipcover and pile of pillows. Kudos to you for all this inspiring work!

  2. I love each piece. You are a brave girl doing a slipcover. I am too afraid to take on that challege, but you have inspired me. I might give it a try. Now I just have to find the time.
    All the best

    1. Thanks Debra, it was a real learning experience making the slipcover. I actually had the fabric for a couple of years, talk about procrastinating! The next one should be easier!

      Take care, Cheryl

  3. Wow! You took on a couch recovering project and it looks great. I would like to recover my couch . I have looked at patterns and books on how to go about this type of project but have never recovered my couch. If you do another cover, would you do a tutorial?

    1. Thank you! This was actually my first slipcover. I know the hesitation that you feel! I will be doing another on a sleep sofa in a couple of months, I’ll see about explaining the process that I use, and doing a tutorial. Hopefully it would help others by learning from my mistakes!

      Take care, Cheryl

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