Signs of Spring

I am having a slowwww adjustment period, moving from Arizona to Washington.  There have been very few days without rain, and I am use to the blue skies of Arizona, and this time of year, the warmth.  This isn’t a complaint, I am just admitting that it is taking a little more time than I thought it would.  Today, since the rain seems to have taken a break,  I took a few moments to get out and investigate a little closer, the things that I have been looking at through the windows, some signs of spring.

There are several gardens on our property, all of them needing my attention.  I am so thankful that the previous owner enjoyed seeing spring flowers.  She planted several sets of bulbs all around the property, including the wooded area behind the house.

There are several bushes showing signs of life, new leaves appearing and buds bringing the promise of future flowers….

This plant (yes, I need to research and find out the names of all of these plants.  I only know a few of them) has beautiful blossoms, and now new growth, where the red appears at the end of the branches.

I find this bush very striking!  The coral looking leaves have been changing, as the weather changes.  I think it’s hard to see, but at the ends of the branches it looks like there is a very small blossom.

As I wandered around, I found many more plants blooming than I realized there were from inside.  What a wonderful way to get some inspiration for spring projects!

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4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. That is Washington for you, same here in Oregon. We thought we would never see the sun, but it did happen and we all came out of our blue funk. Think spring.!! Welcome to the West Coast.

  2. Wow, look at all those beautiful flowers you have blooming in your new yard! What a wonderful discovery. Hope you are getting settled in your new home and neighborhood.

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