Coming Along………….

I am so excited, I have been able to start sewing again!  My sewing has been geared to my Etsy shop, but just being able to sit down at my sewing machine and make something is wonderful!

With Easter right around the corner, and spring on my mind, I decided to make some things that connect to both.  I love this little bunny!  She is only 6″ total, when standing.  Her arms and legs are attached with embroidery floss, so you can adjust them.

I have made a few of the fabric baskets, one small one (which is sold already) and a couple of medium ones.  The pastel and floral fabrics are so uplifting this time of the year.

I have to admit that I used some of my favorite fabrics in these!  It just makes me feel great looking at them!……..and it helps that the sun is shining today too!

I think that I am about ready to start working on pillows or some small quilts, and then move on to larger projects (or maybe finishing some of my old ones???)

Thanks so much for stopping by… enjoy your day!



4 thoughts on “Coming Along………….

  1. Your little bunny is just adorable and how cute it would be in a baby nursery or little girls room. I also love your cloth baskets. I made few a couple of weeks ago myself. Can you please share with me if you used an interfacing in your baskets. I made one without and it seems to flimsy and one with that seems almost to heavy. Thanks,

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comments! I use warm and natural batting for my interfacing. For the large baskets, I will use a double layer. I have also used a mid-weight flannel, and that works well on the smaller baskets.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Yay, how fun to see you are in the sewing room again! Love the goodies you’ve been making. Perfect for this season.

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