The Unveiling

I know that it still seems like I am not here.  I am still painting, and have made a few things for The Stitchin’ Chicken.  But that will change soon!  It is time that I let you know what I have been up to.  I have opened another Etsy shop, Creative Trims! I have been so busy researching, purchasing, cataloging inventory and taking pictures!

I have consistently found that it is hard to find good quality trims at a reasonable price. Especially if you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of fabric or craft stores.  And to get a great price online, you usually have to purchase large amounts.  My hope is to fill some of that void by doing the research for you, offering a variety of items and making them easy to purchase.  (This is one of those ‘you can shop in your pajamas’ things! lol!)

I currently have 61 listings, but about 130 more items to take pictures of and list!  I currently have ric rac, some by yardage and some by the spool, and in different sizes.  Also grosgrain ribbon, again different sizes, in solid and polka dots.

I also have some organza in a couple of different widths….

And a few different twill tapes….

These are just a few pictures of what is available.  The inventory that I have to still list  includes gingham ribbon and additional styles of grosgrain.  I hope to be adding some vintage buttons and lace trims soon.

If you or anyone that you know may be looking for trims, please send them over to Creative Trims!  Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular, and I will see what I can do to help you locate it.

Thanks so much for coming by!

8 thoughts on “The Unveiling

  1. Wow, congratulations, Cheryl! This is really exciting! You have been holding out on us- lol. Your new shop is so full of goodies! I couldn’t agree with you more – even in the city I live in, it can be hard to find good trimmings. I often save up and buy a big load when I’m in NYC visiting family. Love the look of your new shop and all those fab trimmings!

  2. Love your new etsy shop. I have marked it in my favorites! I especially like the rick rack and your prices are wonderful!

    1. Thanks Pam!

      I appreciate your input. Pricing is one thing that we are generally unsure about, your comments help!

      Tah Ke care, have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. I love your new trims and the prices are great. You say you have another 160 items to add, just wondering if you will have a wider ric rac? I would like to make a quilt with some ric rac trim so it needs to be wider.

    1. The widest rick rack that I currently have is 9 mm which is just under 1/2″.

      This Etsy shop has 1 1/2″ wide:

      And this one has 3/4″ wide:

      I know that if you search on Etsy, under the supply category for rick rack, you should be able to find the width you are looking for.

      I may carry some in the future, so please check back! Thanks so much for asking, I appreciate it!


  4. I almost forgot Congratulations winning the Banner Month on Stash Manicure. You quilt is cute and cuddly.

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