Inspiration Found!

I have had so many ideas of things that I would like to make lately.  I have even had thoughts of finishing some of my old projects!  Like a few quilts that I started quilting about a year or so ago, and never finished…….we won’t dwell on that one too much! It will be a surprise, shhhh!

So I pulled out my lace drawer, the one with piles of lace all wound together in it…

A lot of the lace in here is from wayyyyy back, and it is now considered vintage!  Yes, that means that I am vintage too. wink, wink.  You see, some of my ideas include some of the eyelet and small woven lace I have in here. At least in my mind!  I really needed to see if it was still here.

So I started going through and winding up some of the lace into little bundles, no reason to not be organized about it..

And this is what I found…

some varying sizes of flat eyelet,

some doubled eyelet,

there is gathered eyelet, and edged and gathered ruffles, miscellaneous embroidered trims,

and some dainty lace edgings and crochet lace edgings.  All waiting to become my next project.

I think that I am ready now.

Thanks for looking!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Found!

  1. Wow, looks like you found a lot of inspiration! You have a lot of beautiful lace. I really love the gathered lace with the colored edges. Looking forward to seeing what you make with these treasures.

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