Book: Hobo Quilts by Deborah G. Henninger

I purchased this book some time ago and thought that I would share it with you.  This isn’t a regular book review, where I show and tell and let you decide if it is the book for you, but a discovery on my part.  What I mean by discovery, is that I purchased this book because it looked interesting (I bought it from an online source) and I like to read quilt books that are a little different than the norm.  But I found this book to be so much more than a regular quilting pattern book. It is a record of an important part of this country’s history.

I have always been fascinated by the era of the great depression.  I tend to soak up anything that I come across that tells about how people survived coped with the tough times they had to deal with.  There are some great lessons of survival that all of us can learn from.

First about the history included in the book.  Yes there are quilts,

I find it so fascinating to learn about the blocks, which were adapted from signs that were made by those who rode the rails, looking for work wherever they could. It was another language you had to learn (or would pick up)  if you were going to survive and join others doing the same.

The stories that are included on the pages with these blocks have totally engulfed me.  They are written by those that lived this life on the rails, some just short paragraphs, others a short story.

There are numerous pictures that show the hardships that families had to endure.

And this is also a quilt book.  There are quilt blocks in the first half of the book, and the second half provides layouts for several different quilts.  The stories about the experiences of several different people, are included throughout the entire book.

Each quilt is named, and there is a little story included below the name, giving you some history of the origin.  There there are the material lists, for different sizes, cutting directions, and then at the bottom of the page you may find some hints that may be beneficial to you.

Deborah also includes a set by step directions and layouts to guide you in the assembly of the quilt..

Here are more pictures of some of the quilts…

There is a comprehensive symbol glossary included in the back of the book, this is just one of the pages..

If any of you has read this book, I’d like to hear your opinion about it.  I have hardly been able to put it down, just reading the stories.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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  1. This books sounds wonderful, I am adding it to my list of must reads. My mom is a quilter and I grew up with quilts everywhere and people always coming over to sit around the quilts and visit and quilt.. I remember playing under the bigger quilts while the moms all quilted. I will be buying this book and passing it on to my mom :)

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